Monday, 27 February 2012


Elaine had her check up and first vaccination on 15th February. The best news was that her hip/leg bones seem to be properly aligned now so she no longer has the wear the harness. Although the harness bothered me far more than it ever did her. I also took offence to the smiley face on the velcro strap - as if a random smiley face makes the whole thing fun. 
15th February - no more harness!
 I wanted to have at least one picture with Elaine's eyes open so I spent ages last Sunday painstakingly drawing from a photo. I was feeling quite good about it until I came back to it after getting myself a drink and discovered that I'd created a rather sinister portrait of Voldemort-as-Baby. I managed to change the nose so she looks more human now but I'm not happy with it. I think it's good practice to draw from photos/2D media but when I do it, even when the proportions are correct, the subject somehow looks less lifelike. So I think I'll leave Voldemort to the sketchbook. Worryingly, I drew from life the other night and, after a good start, produced an excellent likeness of the Elephant man. In my defence, it was a strange angle with a lot of foreshortening but still...poor baby...she's going to end up with a complex at this rate. However, I saw a documentary on the genius painter Lucian Freud and was comforted to see that his painting 'Baby on a green sofa', although brilliant, also depicted the infant as a minger. (Just google 'Lucian Freud, baby', if you're interested).

Here's a slightly more normal one to finish off on:
Monday 20th February - 4 months old today! She was asleep on my lap so her face was quite squashed up

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  1. Ahhh sweaty baby lap... brings back fond memories. She looks lovely there anyway. And if it makes you feel any better, the face on that Freud baby looks like a 30+ alcoholic skinhead....