Sunday, 19 February 2012

Halloween Baby

My due date was 1st November but baby decided enough was enough and made her appearance at 10:52 on Monday 31st October. Doesn't seem like she'll be a procrastinator; from waters breaking until birth was less than 2.5 hours.
Saturday 5th Nov. First ever sketch of baby Elaine! All her clothes were a bit big, hence the apparently empty sleeve.

7th Jan. 2012 She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and had to wear a harness 24 hours a day to keep her hip joints in the correct position. It didn't seem to bother her fortunately. I've given her a bit of a Star Trek character look here. Bit of a Klingon nose going on.

14th January 2012 Ah, that's a bit better. Sketched while she was sleeping on my lap with her head lolling at a strange angle.

16th Jan. One of the 'old baldy' efforts but it shows the harness keeping her legs at the correct angle.

17th Jan. She's a healthier colour than this in real life! It's a bit freaky actually. But I'll keep it in so that when I look back in the future I can see how I've improved (hollow laugh).
Rather disappointingly, drawing babies is just as difficult as drawing adults. Quite a few of my efforts have turned her into a gurning, bald old man. Or a strange dwarf-like creature. But children often are strange dwarf-like creatures, I suppose...


  1. Deary me, could you not photoshop some colour into that last one?! Great pencil sketches of wee darlin though :-)

  2. By the time I'd learnt how to use photoshop she'd be out of high school, lol! With my genes she was bound to be peely wally

  3. Oh I actually like how lose this is!