Monday, 20 February 2012

Baby or miniature George Foreman?

Since I'm still posting with back-dated drawings I have the luxury of editing out the real stinkers (yes, there's worse!) but some have to be posted, just for the 'learning factor' (i.e. comedy value). Here's an example:
21st January 2012
From the neck down I'm fairly satisfied, but what have I done to her head?! She looks like George Foreman...or is it Joe Frazier I'm thinking of?...and she's got a big dent at the back of her head from the many rounds in the ring. Oh, well.
23rd January 2012
Bit more baby-like

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  1. Aww kinda see what you mean tho... looks like she's taken a bit of a blow to the head... Love the superman suit :-)