Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.

7th October 2011 'The egg'

8th October 2011
Well, they're maybe not the most flattering portraits but at least I've started. Technically, I feel I'm cheating a bit since I did these last year but it was pregnancy that finally got me drawing again so it seems like a good starting point. I was agonizing about what to write and did consider having a cup of tea and a think (and possibly watch an antiques or cooking show on TV...there's always one on, regardless of the hour) but I've managed to pull myself together.
Here's one more for the moment:
Dodgy photo of dodgy coloured pencil sketch of me in my dodgy barely fitting pajamas. Ah, the glamour.
10th October 2011.


  1. Wonderful sketches babe, but next time no big baggy ass knickers, you've got such a teeny butt in real life... Especially love the colour work :-)

  2. Awesome!!! I am so impressed.