Saturday, 3 March 2012

Not a hugely productive week...

...but something is better than nothing, right? I do seem to spend my days feeling very busy, rushing about from home-bank-supermarket-dry cleaners-office-salon-post office-home, etc. etc. I think I'm busy but not very efficient!
From the sketches, you'd think Baby Elaine only sleeps but she's getting more energetic every day. She can't roll yet but she's started bum-shuffling and boxes the toys hanging from her activity gym like a loony. 
After the Elephant man drawing I decided I was trying too hard and am going to concentrate on drawing for short periods - 3 mins, 6 mins, 20 mins. Maybe I'll eventually speed up enough so that I have the courage to draw outside in public places.
24th February - two 6 minute sketches. Today was our first session at baby massage class and it seemed to really knock Elaine out.
26th February
Today she grabbed Christoph's finger and stuffed it so far into her mouth that she puked! Didn't seem to disturb her though.
27th February - 17 weeks old - she's spent most of the day playing like a fruit loop with the activity gym. I tried to capture her in motion...she's just a baby but it's still too fast for me!
1st March 2012  - Elaine has so many clothes but I always seem to draw her when she's wearing this stripey babygro. It's my current favourite anyway.


  1. These are great, especially love the work from the 27th, awake and wriggling! Poor Christoph, I can just picture it.... here dad have a handful of spew... lol

  2. Cheers Sarah. It was pretty funny - they were both so surprised!

  3. You really do sketch well - your proportions are so well done. And babies can be so hard!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! I'm only going to improve with practice, I guess.

  4. You are amazing. Not many mothers with little ones would find time to sketch and paint. I applaud you. I am a grandma of a six month old who just turned over by herself! All your drawings are amazing!