Sunday, 3 February 2013

"Busy, busy, busy, busy...

...there's so much to do..." That's the first line of a song on Elaine's Fisher Price musical activity table. The song does continue but I'm not sure of the words as she has normally pressed several other buttons by that point, treating me to a Mexican-style tune and a snippet of 'Ode to Joy'. This first line certainly describes her day, though. It's typical toddler frenetic action. Draw her from life? Ha! No chance!
 This page is the only one I've managed to do this week as I have been desperately trying to get a baby quilt finished for a friend. The baby arrived just before Christmas so I was late starting and I'm a very slow and unsure sewer. This photo is rubbish but, for my standards, the quilt turned out satisfactorily. I can take no credit for coordinating fabrics as it was a ready made bundle from Fabricworm.
 Am currently quilting a second baby quilt but have run out of thread half way through. So that's my Sunday night sew-in foiled again! There are another 2 friends with babies born in January and another due any day now which I had planned to make quilts for but I think my sewing stamina may not last that long. I'm quite peeved. When I was pregnant, no-one got pregnant to keep me company and now all five of them have produced offspring within a 2 month period without a care in the world for my schedule!  It's most unreasonable!


  1. Toddler gymnastics! Wow. Sounds more like a treadmill is in order... lol Brilliant sketches, and I absolutely love the quilt!

    1. Toddler may be onto something! We were away last weekend and the campsite had a children's play room. It the corner was a huge plastic wheel - like a hamster wheel but for kids! Unfortunately Elaine was too small for it! Thanks for your quilt knowledge.

  2. Your quilt's gorgeous Alison. Keep the momentum going and you'll have another three done in no time !
    Little Miss E will love looking at these drawings in a few years time, much more meaningful than photos. x

  3. Thank you, Jenny! I've just finished another two quilts. In some ways it's good that I have the time pressure or I'd probably never get around to doing it!