Sunday, 17 February 2013


Yes, this is meant to be a sketchblog but recently I've been wearing down my sewing machine trying to get baby quilts finished. The one drawing that I have done is below:
Can you tell what it is? Our neighbour lent us her old wooden sledge so we bundled Elaine up in her snow suite and wrapped a huge blanket around her to take her out for a walk. At first she was sitting up taking in all in but then she dozed off and slumed further and further down. Her hood was up and her wooly hat also slid over her eyes so that only her nose, cheeks and a bit of the dummy was visible. Just as well, as it was about -10 degrees centigrade.
We were away for a short trip with the camping van and in the evening I finished hand sewing the binding onto the two baby quilts below. Phew. One more to go (decided that baby no. 5 is going to get something else!).


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  1. Oh well done sweetie, I am so impressed! They're brilliant. Poor baby number 5 ;-)