Sunday, 28 October 2012

What a difference a week makes

Above:Today (view from balcony). Below: One week ago, T-shirt weather. (Not view from balcony, but not too far away!)
 Haven't posted for a few days as we had a health scare. We took baby Elaine to the hospital on Friday night as she'd been lethargic and apathetic all day (adjectives I'd never normally use to describe her) and her stomach had got hard. Turned out she had a bowel infection which also prevented her from passing urine. The poor thing had to get a catheter, and some other unpleasant things including a drip attached to her forehead (apparently it hurts less in that position at her age). We had to stay overnight but she slept really well and recovered so well that we were able to go home in the afternoon. She's back to her usual chirpy self again now. Phew...feeling very thankful.

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  1. So glad wee bubs is okay. Very scary for you though. Massive hugs xxx