Monday, 8 October 2012


It's literally raining conkers in Kempten's parks at the moment. On Friday we were at Elaine's new baby singing group. I know, I know...I previously had my doubts about parents who dragged their babies to such things but then I previously thought all babies were anti-social little lumps who liked to stay at home, in trusted surroundings, avoid change and placidly chew on a designated chew toy. Not this baby. Action! Music! Kids twice my size! Strange men! Unknown environments! Potential danger! That's what I like. Anyway, one of the songs had a conker in it's shell as a prop. Something about Mr Conker coming out of his house, etc. The singing teacher has told us we will be given sheets of lyrics at some point. I have never heard any of these songs before in my life so try to hum tunelessly along to show willingness. I suspect the teacher thinks I'm a bit thick. "I'll try and sing slower, next time" she said. I did explain that I understand everything, I just don't know the words but I don't think she was buying it. Meanwhile Elaine was attempting to stuff Mr Conker and as many members of his family as possible into her gob. Rock n roll.