Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The final body in motion sketches

...from the weekend course. Again the model did a mini choreography of non-stop but repeating movements for about 5-10 minutes. In the first example I tried to capture separately three movements from the sequence and in the other examples I overlaid the movements.
Watercolour using a brush then a brown watercolour brush pen

Watercolour, pastel, black conté pencil

Pencil, brown Pitt pen
 At the end we all spread out our work from the past 3 days (or what could fit in the space) and had a little gallery/critique session which was nice. This is our wonderful model, Nadine, checking out some of the sketches.


  1. I'm loving all your work, looks like this weekend was really good for you! Sorry, dont hit me but that last sketch..... is it alien or predator?!

  2. This is because in my last reply I said that you always leave nice comments, isn't it? Shot myself in the foot there. Unfortunately there IS a kind of tarantula aspect to it...

  3. Oh I know... I'm so mean... lol You know I think you're awesome...