Sunday, 1 September 2013

Foot, Sharpe, Caravan!

A foot, a fictional character and a caravan? No, there's no logical connection, they've just been on my mind and in my sketchbook this past week.

Elaine did some painting...self-portrait I guess you could call it:

I did some reading. I'm currently working my way through the Sharpe novels. It's a series detailing the adventures of a Rifle officer set (mostly) during the Penisular (Napoleonic) war. The female characters are, frankly, a bit rubbish but the battle scenes and storytelling are great. The books are so easy to get into and get lost in that I've tended to save them for long journeys but I don't think I can resist the lure...only got about 8 to go...what will I do without Sharpe? Hmm...move on to Horatio Hornblower I guess!

Another Sharpe novel was devoured during last weeks mini-mini-break (one night only) in the van. I dragged myself away from the Kindle to sketch the neighbouring caravan. 

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