Monday, 26 August 2013

Popeye arms and new words

 It was a wet weekend but we can't complain as we have had a very hot and sunny summer so far. Unfortunately we don't have a garden - just a yard which doubles as a customer car park during the week. However, if you bung a paddling pool in the middle and add an heroic older man (the nine year old next-door neighbour, Lukas) it is enough to make a toddler very excited.
Elaine eyes Lukas' snack. Her forearm has taken on Popeye-like proportions here.
I don't think Elaine's vocabulary is as extensive as some of her peers because of the bilingual complication. But the words are starting to come thick and fast now.
 Since I drew these pages she's added quite a few new words (English and German) to her collection. 
Finally, if you ever wonder why my photos are so dodgy..I blame my assistant:


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  1. Your baby is adorable. I wish I had learned a second language at an early age. It's so much easier. I've often wondered how kids get the two languages straightened out.