Friday, 17 May 2013

Wonky Donkey etc.

Some randomness this time. First up, a donkey...drawn from photos taken at the petting farm.
 Next, a little ghost. Lately, Elaine has taken to grabbing items of clothing (or any kind of fabric she can get her hands on) and flinging it over her head. I can't decide if she's trying to dress herself...or if she's just a bit loopy. In this case she took one of my tops out of the (dirty) washing basket, fully covered her head with it and then proceeded to run around the flat at high speed, laughing hysterically. Somehow she managed to miss the furniture. This drawing was also done from a photo (c' there really any chance of my drawing from life these days?!). Elaine manages though (sigh...):

Well, actually this next drawing was done from life. It's....a bread pretzel. Hmm...inspiration doesn't always strike!

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