Sunday, 12 May 2013

Parents on the couch (in a non-Freudian way!)

I haven't posted for a while and was foiled several times this week by Blogger/my internet connection refusing to upload my photos for some unknown reason. My parents were here for a couple of weeks so I had a couple of different unwitting victims models. 
Dad with I-Pad. He must have realised at least subconsciously that I was drawing him as he kept moving his legs about.

Poor Mum never comes off well in my drawings! She started off knitting but then either the effort of counting stitches or following the plotline of 'Endevour' got too much for her and she dozed off! (Although how anyone can make it through Endevour or Inspector Morse fully conscious is a wonder).

Finally, I completed this table runner ages ago but I'll share it with you now as these are the only remaining photos which I have managed to upload. I thought straight line quilting would be so...straight-forward...that I could do it easily by eye alone. How wrong I was! But it's for myself so the wonkiness doesn't bother me too much as I am easily distracted by cuteness. The lambs! The bunnies!


  1. Your lines look way straighter than mine ever are, look at your quilt!! lol Very cute runner. Great sketches of your folks too :-)

  2. Ha! it's not safe to fall asleep when your around. It's a lovely picture though. Like your table runner too.