Sunday, 19 May 2013

The moleskine

Hurrah! The moleskine sketchbook, started in (whisper it, 2009) is finally filled. The quality of the drawings isn't great but it's full of memories and personal interest for me as I used it mainly when I was travelling. There are drawings done in Shetland, Blairgowrie, Sutherland, Beauly (Scotland), Naples (Florida), Kempten (Germany), Kleinweisertal (Austria), the Yukon (Canada). I simultaneously find that pretty cool that I saved those memories in drawn form and disappointing that I didn't do more drawing of those places. It's hard to prioritise sketching when there are so many new things discover or old friends to meet. 

After the exotic(ish) places mentioned above, the last few pages were...shall we say homely?

There's an annual spring jazz festival in Kempten. This drummer was part of a trio playing in the square near our house. It was a lovely sunny Saturday and all the cafes' and bars' outdoor tables were crammed full. I'd love to say I sketched this from a cafe table, sipping an ice cold glass of good quality Riesling but in actual fact I was wrestling with a toddler intent on escaping from her buggy. I snapped a photo.
I'd planned on only using coloured pencils  here - the expriment went wrong) so that's why Elaine looks like a pantomime dame. Howeverwhen she gets into my makeup drawer (a frequent occurrance) this is pretty much how she ends up).
Saturday night in the camper van.

Peace at last

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