Sunday, 3 June 2012


I certainly wouldn't describe myself as a monarchist or royalist but I do love a bit of pomp, ceremony and some fancy costumes. Plus, who/what would we have if not the Queen? Some dodgy president? Even Vivienne Westwood loves the Queen these days! So I'll definitely be settling down in front of the TV to watch the pageant on the Thames this afternoon. Here's my tribute:


  1. Wow, I curtsy to your portrait of Her Majesty! So well done. I loved seeing skinny Kate and tall William and cute Harry and the woman who stole the father's heart from poor sweet Diana, and all those wonderful hats with huge flowers and the bridge and the tower and the fireworks and and and the funny guards in their red rain coats and white tights! I do love it all from here in California!

  2. Ah, it wasn't raining there! Thanks for your nice comment, Lynn.

  3. Thanks Sandy! Sometimes I feel that drawing from a photo is cheating a bit but, unsurprisingly, there wasn't much choice in this case!