Wednesday, 20 June 2012


...the part of my brain which is assigned the job of thinking up witty titles seems to be sitting with its feet up on the desk, drinking an coffee, flicking through 'Heat' magazine and saying, "I'm on a break...try the Wacky Thoughts department down the corridor." Sigh. Still, I'll press on regardless as Elaine's sensory toys (i.e. plastic freezer bags filled with dried beans and flour and sealed with packing tape) will only hold her undivided attention for so long. 
It was my birthday on the 15th and Heidi brought me some lovely flowers. Did want to draw the whole lot but was quickly overwhelmed. This is as far as I got:
I didn't actually want to add the pen lines (I'd sketched in pencil) but it just looked like a big undefined mess without them. Now it's a slightly more defined mess.

Elaine is almost constantly on the move these days so it's a real challenge to try and capture anything:
I pretty much need to wait until she conks out:


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! *hanging my head in shame...* Gorgeous flowers :-) Cant wait to meet little one :-)

  2. Looking forward to seeing you too!