Thursday, 31 May 2012

Last day in may...

so I better get one more post in. Elaine is almost crawling now. This is her checking out my new mat for using with my sewing rotary cutter. Both were my birthday present from Mum...thanks Mum! :) Elaine christened them with plenty of drool before I used them to make her a summer weight sleeping bag.
Her head is that big...but she doesn't have the big black line through it. Doh!


  1. The line could be a hair band. Love this sweet doll baby of yours and her antics. You get that sweet baby fat on arms and legs so well. I tried capturing mine this past weekend on a family visit...but she was all swaddled up when I drew her. While she was awake I was too busy playing with her to draw! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Lynn. Hairband...yeah, we'll go with that! By strange coincidence many of ink-drawn human subjects wear hairbands, men included. Funny that. ;)