Tuesday, 16 April 2013

When it's spring again...

...I'll bring again, tulips from Amsterdam...well, from the salon downstairs. It was too hot for them down there so I rescued a few to draw before they wilted completely.
We have now had two days of warmth and sunshine! A real shock to the system. Last week, however it was still cold and miserable so, with my parents in tow, I took Elaine to a large indoor play centre. In theory she's still too small for a lot of the apparatus but she didn't let her size stop her. She was on the big slides, in the ball pit, on the electronic cars and on the bouncy castle and trampolines:
Apologies for the rubbish photo. Not used to dealing with bright sunshine anymore!


  1. Fearless wee tyke! Sounds like a great day out :-) Its funny how I always see you in photos of her, but when you draw her I see hubby!

  2. More people are saying she looks like me now...I think that's just cos she's starting to look more like a girl though!