Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Another sketchbook completed!

Ever so gradually I'm getting through my various half-filled sketchbooks. This book was completed in (for me) record time - I started it in September last year. Hmm...6 months...ok, that's not actually that impressive. However, my uncompleted Moleskine, which I'd left accidentally at my parents' house, has been on the go since 2009 and is still not done. Pitiful. Anyhoo, here are the last pages:

Toddler + curiosity + mother trying to deny it's time to get up = 
The weather has been continually cold and miserable so we've been forced to invent some indoor activities (because everyone needs a short break from pure destruction):
I attatched a long cardboard tube to the stair bannister for Elaine to put plastic eggs down. A kind of seasonal, non-choking hazard marble run.
The completed sketchbook

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