Friday, 11 January 2013

It's still January... I guess it's still acceptable to wish everyone a happy new year. Had planned to use the first post of the new year to review 2012, mull over my resolutions and start 2013 in a thoughtful, structured way. Unfortunately by the time I get round to doing those things I suspect it will be no longer topical. Here are some of the few drawings I got done over the festive period.

My percieved porkiness was confirmed yesterday by a colleague who, after I admitted to pigging out said: "Yeah, it shows in your face...or are you pregnant again?". Can't even blame German bluntness as she is Italian. Tchah!

It's not almost impossible to draw anything with a toddler roaming in the vicinity

There is another page (yes, I'm soooo popular) but it wouldn't be humble to show it (...ok, I admit it: I haven't finished it).

The drawing is pretty hideous but the reality was very cute and took place every day on the holiday.

Probably Elaine's favourite gift - a multi-coloured push-a-long walker. Which I never did get around to colouring.


  1. Brilliant collection of sketches sweetie, really love wee miss in her hat and red suit! Looks like your folks enjoyed every minute too :-)

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yeah it was a really nice relaxing time.