Sunday, 2 September 2012

Imagine how it looks inside my head

This week has fairly zipped by and yet I'm not quite sure what I've done with my time. The weather was sunny and hot (28 celcius +) at the start of the week but the person in charge must have had a sudden panic ("Arghh...1st of September is the official start of autumn...get that temperature down now...NOW!") and so now it's only about 12-15 degrees. Not horrendously cold but a bit of a shock to the system after the sweaty days of last week.

For some reason I decided that this ideal cold-catching weather heralded a good day to take Elaine to the extremely busy swimming pool. She was almost freaked out by all the noise and people, even when we sat in the toddler paddling area.  But then a yellow plastic watering can floated within grasp and she was as happy as a pig in manure. Following the manure line of thought whilst watching the frolicking cherubs I realised we were doubtless sitting in a solution that must be at least 50% urine. I managed to push that idea to the back of my mind. It did pop back when, with a sudden rush of motoric skills, she filled up the the can, grasped it like a mug and poured all the water down her throat. Mmm, yum. Here's some other stuff she likes stuffing down:


 She's not walking yet but standing up is no problem:
 The other evening I was in my usual dithering mode...should draw/tidy/clean kitchen/cook something/read/do exercise/phone...etc..etc. Instead of dealing with the general chaos I decided to draw some of it, namely the sofa bed in my 'hobby/dumping' room. Now that this is going public I may be shamed into doing something about it all!


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your posts!!! Baby eats is so cute, and so is baby Elaine. Standing already. I still remember her curled in a ball sleeping her life away. Oh dear you are going to have even more exercise soon or is she already crawling? Just you wait.
    Your standing drawing of her is delightful. Love the glint in her eye! Happy Sunday.

  2. Thanks, Lynn! She's been crawling for some months now and is pretty speedy and (unfortunately at times) quite fearless so I'm kept on my toes!

  3. Baby Elaine eats is funny. Look out! She'll be walking SOON if her birthday's on Halloween!

  4. LOL Awesome post. Things I like to eat should be framed... And that cheeky wee face - love it. Big massive cuddles to you both xxx