Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Another sketchbook finished!

And I only started it in May! Uh...May 2010 that is (hangs head in shame). I did work in other books simultaneously but it's still pretty pitiful. I will do better in my next one!

The last few drawings were...can you guess? Yup, baby-related.
A fairly futile attempt to sketch Elaine from life. She never stops moving.

Coloured pencils used for 'Dino' the baby walker/ride on wonder

Finally nap time!
Not posted upside down - this is how I draw it. Standing, looking down into her cot.

Here's a couple of my favourite pages from the book. We visited the Yukon for a canoeing trip in September 2010. It was an amazing holiday. At home I painted a few of the buildings in/nearby Whitehorse which had caught my eye.
A B&B in the centre of Whitehorse

A cabin near the lake where the float planes land
The local cinema - very cool. Unfortunately there were no good films on.


  1. Congratulations on completing the art journal. They are all outstanding drawings and paintings in it. Blessings!