Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Drip, drip, drip...

...little April showers. 
Like the weather, my posting this month has been unreliable to say the least. I'm not going to make excuses, just going to vow to do better in May. We'll be on holiday in Umbria for the first two weeks so there will be inspiration galore - too much in fact (see, the excuses are starting already!) - so I really have to get my finger out of the proverbial and wrapped around a pencil.

I had to sort out Elaine's clothes and pack away the things which no longer fitted. It's hard to believe the size 50 babygros were actually almost too big for her at one point. Nearly had a wee tear in my eye, putting them away...even for the ones with dubious stains...
Mum knitted the pink woolen bonnet which was a favourite of mine, despite Christoph saying it made Elaine look like the village idiot baby. Tchah!
I sketched this house on a walk with the pram along the river Iller. It's always fascinated me because it looks like it's been added to by every generation which has lived in it. And each generation had less architectural ability than the last. Behind the massive tree is an added-on wooden tower-like structure which I guess may house a stairwell. For some reason it's painted red. The main part of the house is pale blue and the attached shed extension is dark, dark brown (I feel obliged to point the colours out since my watercolouring is so poor). Then there are various allotments and terraced vegetable patches before the wall edge which goes straight down to the river. The house a bit bonkers but I really like it. I also like the fact I can stare with impunity from the other side of the river bank, even when an old couple come out to stare back at me.

Finally, a quick sketch of Elaine...yes, sleeping again...
14th April 2012


  1. aww sweetheart, teary eyes already? Really love the sketch of the baby gro's, a wonderful keepsake :-)

    1. Cheers Sarah. Yeah, am getting all soft these days!

  2. What a sweetness to watch new baby growing out of her early clothes.
    You'll enjoy these transistions for years to come.
    I love your drawings/paintings of the clothing and the house!
    enjoy your travels and I look forward to any art that comes from them.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I'll try to force myself to get into gear!

  3. Hi, Alison,
    Lovely post and nice sketches full of love for the baby. Take care!
    Best wishes, Sadami